Knucklehead fork lower tree rusting from inside

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Knucklehead fork lower tree rusting from inside


Post by whenpancomestoshovel »

I've restored a springer fork, which I believe to be from 1946. Overall in very good shape with a couple of dings. Nothing cut or otherwise modified.

During the paint stripping process, I used alot of water around the lower tree. The lower tree had small cracks through bracing which allowed water to pass into the lower tree. After painting, this has all been sealed up and I am now concerned water lower tree is rusting from inside and out. As far as I can tell, there is no other way for this section to breath/let water evaporate through.

I am considering drilling a hole from under the fork tree to spray rust protective and let part breath once a while when sitting.

I surely cannot be the only person running into this kind of overthinking. :D

How have the rest of you solved this?
Where there any year variations for this?


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Re: Knucklehead fork lower tree rusting from inside


Post by flatheadDave »

Rust needs air to live. If its sealed, then the rust will just stop. Just my opinion.

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Re: Knucklehead fork lower tree rusting from inside


Post by RUBONE »

If it bothers you put the fork in a hot place for a few hours and any moisture will be gone. And then never wash your bike or ride it in the rain. You'll never get a good night's sleep again! :shock:

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