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Re: Victory Cam (H cam)


Post by Bigincher »

RUBONE wrote:Bigincher,
I just walked out and took one out of a drawer and the gear is pressed on. I'll try to check another one I have tomorrow to see if it is too. However, I have NEVER seen one not marked with the H!
Thanks Robbie, I appreciate it. Since this NOS cam has no 'H' stamped in it, I think I'll pass on it. I've heard so many good things about the Andrews J-grind, I think I'll just go with it, and besides, I already have it.
Thanks MotorcycleMike, chalk up another mark in the "+" column for the J-grind..!

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Re: Victory Cam (H cam)


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I know this post is old!--But my EXP. with the J is --An easy starting cam!, & Good low-end with stock or Homemade baffles olny--Open pipes will leave a bad taste in your mind on this J-Grind!.The Tourque is felt as soon as you leave the light & accelerate thru the gears!--(1200 to 5000rpm cam).Great on fuel!--BUT riding 2-up on a steep grade You will find yourself dissapointed some.--(I say disapointed as its whatever your use to!)!--You may not think anything of it & LOVE the CAM.--The #1 cam Is a bit better on the steep-grades rolling 2-up---Both grinds are nearly the same///Fuel is the same & both were bolt-in on my 58!.Simply put there compareable to the way a Fl cam behaves!---I put my FLH cam back in & will never use the J or #1 again!--Just my preference!--The FLH cam is unique in its TIMING!///Each lobe is different!--Yes the H cam is a little more compresion upon starting//But nothing drastic!--I find the comp.-stroke & just relax my leg from 9-o-clock position & shes running!--Easier then a -(A)-grind to start!.BUT the PERFORMANCE you cant compare to a J or 1!--Its just Tourque from IDLE to-?????--valve-float :!: .If looking for stock 74-inch motor performance//The H is a GREAT choice!/& Factory-stock!.--The A grind is nice ALSO BUT with 1-thing to remember---MUST run SOLID-TAPPETS!--THey suck on HYDs.--Just one mans opinion on some cams that I have run in my mill!--- ps---I said bolt-in//As I have removed the Torrinton-grenade for a Bushing!--Otherwise .002 must be removed if running the Torrinton-Bering!---Respectfully----RICHIE

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