S&S Super E/Uni Filter/K&N crossover

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S&S Super E/Uni Filter/K&N crossover


Post by Sidecar »

Author: Sidecar, on Jun 8, 2005, 7:11pm

This has been rolling around in my mind for awhile and its now time to do something about it.
I've got an S&S Super E with a Uni Filter # NU-3413 in it. Can someone tell me what the correct K&N cat number is so I can get the correct one ?? I hate to act like a complete idiot when I walk in to the shop to buy one and I have no idea of what the K&N filter cat number is.


Post by Billy on Jun 9, 2005, 5:29am

Hi Randy-

Here's a link for ya to check to be sure..http://www.knfilters.com/harley_custom.htm
Scroll down 1/2 way, on the right side...
Most bike shops use their 'own numbers' to make things more confusing (I guess) ;D

PS: I guess you found some 'ole reliable WD-45 we all grew up with... (flammable) Cool.. ;D I guess there's still hope !!! I doubt they make both versions ?? Gov'mnt needs to protect us,
from ourselves... (maybe?)

Post by Sidecar on Jun 9, 2005, 3:29pm

Thanx Billy.

To make matters a little more confusing, I am not using the teardrop housing. I'm using the 6 inch chrome bonnet type from a bendix carb. Now you see why I haven't done this yet
I was hoping someone knew the crossover for the UNI cat number.
I tested the WD-40 and it is flammable. I used it to start my generator the other day.

Post by Billy on Jun 10, 2005, 8:20am

S$S teardrop air cleaners take a round air filter.
But, since you didn't mention U using a Bendix filter/cover in your initial question, who would guess that ?

Happy hunting.

Post by kell on Jun 10, 2005, 4:50pm

I looked up the K&N filter for my carb. $40+ on the K&N website. Right now I have some kind of green foam thing stretched over mesh.
Is it worth paying so much extra? Are these paper filters or can you clean them?

Post by Sidecar on Jun 10, 2005, 8:45pm

Billy, I think the S&S filter may have the same dimensions as this Uni Filter.
Kell, I've got that green foam thing stretched over mesh also. It's the Uni filter. What K&N filter are you looking at ?

Post by kell on Jun 10, 2005, 11:59pm

Their web site lists their filter, part number E-3226 for S&S E teardrop housing (what I have). I went to K&N's website to find it costs $40. I figure it might cost less elsewhere... but still quite a bit. That's why I would like to know if it's cleanable.
I'm trying to get a mental picture of your S&S with a cover from a different carb. Seems like the Bendix cover would have to be the same size as the S&S cover to be able to mount there, with the same screw hole locations and everything. That would make the filter the same size. Or am I missing something.

Post by Billy on Jun 11, 2005, 7:07am

I agree a Bendix "should" be the same. maybe only possible diff, may be how tall each is ??
K&N are 4 or 5 layers of woven gauze, they are guaranteed for 10 yrs or 1 million miles. & are washable.
Key is to use their wash spray, & then run it under 'gentle' running tap water from inside to out.. let dry & use their oil & spray to re-oil.. That's it..
They are less costly from other sources..
& the wash & oil kits are only @ $ 9. retail. You won't ever use it all up.(personal use that is)

Post by Sidecar on Jun 13, 2005, 8:13pm

Kell, I think that my foam filter must be the standard S&S filter for the teardrop. At least it seems that way now. I think I'll drop my foam filter on the parts counter and see if it matches up with the "normal" S&S tear drop filter.
The Bendix cover does not mate to the E carb. The carb has been changed a little for my configuration. I had an aluminum bushing machined to get the air cleaner away from the carb. The holes in the Bendix cover are in a different position than the E. The bushing is mounted to the carb and the Bendix cover is mounted to the bushing. The enrichner has been changed to the air horn style enrichner and the cable system was altered to accept 1 pull cable.
I have never used K&N's wash. I always use soapy water ( or kerosene ) to clean. Water to rinse it out and K&N's spray oil the next day after it's dry.

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Re: S&S Super E/Uni Filter/K&N crossover


Post by 58flh »

I used a black-foam thing for a ,aircleaner that bolted to a Bendix. The size of the aircleaner is 5-1/2 round. Now I took that Black foam-element & washed it reallll-GOOOOD! When it dried ,I washed it again,& blew it dry with compressor. The black foam fit over the S&S plastic foam element holder, very nicely!.It covered well edge to edge! And in my opinion it will flow better-(BUT AT WHAT CHANCE AM I TAKING). Like I said it fit great but now that it is a little more stretched I dont know HOW WELL the FILTRATION will be!. SO im just putting this out there as something to consider!--I put the original replacement GREEN-FOAM on the plastic piece---It fit GREAT/ & when you looked at it for daylight/ there was none coming thru!!!---The other $7 element from JP-Cycles,let a great deal of daylight thru(EVEN OILED UP!)---So yea it will flow but protection for the motor(NONE!!!!!!)--Richie :!:

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