oem internal throttle with my super e carb

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oem internal throttle with my super e carb


Post by jimd60491 »

picked up a set of two piece bars with the internal throttle set up. heres my question wanna run it with my super e carb with the stock wire cable. i know i need the other pull grip just wondering if it works with the wire cable . anyone ever run this set up .

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Re: oem internal throttle


Post by bigbox »

I originally had a two piece set of bars for my 59. I got a set of original one piece bars but I run an S&S Carb, what I did was buy an S& S throttle and made a sleeve for the bars, I notice that S&S make a sleeve as well, I now run a dual throttle cables as recommended by S&S. I left the original throttle cable wire and internals, all well greased mind you inside the bars.

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Re: oem internal throttle


Post by m_o_ther »

There are a couple ways to do this. I helped a tech at the dealership where I used to work put an earlier set of internal control bars in a later bike with a Keihin CV carb, essentially what you're looking to do.You will need a pull spiral. He used the late stranded cable and the Keihin's return spring. He tinned the last couple of inches of the cable at the throttle end with solder, then cut the throttle end barrel off so it would fit in the internal control. He also greased the crap out of everything. It worked well on the bench and on the test ride, but I don't know about long term.

If you're looking to use the earlier solid wire and not worried about (or don't want) a spring return, look at the way the cable attached on a Bendix carb. You'll have to fabricate something like that to replace the cable spool on your S&S. HD actually did have a lightweight return spring on the earlier ('71-'73) internal throttle Bendix carbs. It's part # 27272-71. Looks just like the later 27272-74 spring only made from thinner wire. Maybe the Bendix spring will fit on your S&S. Good luck.

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