Magnetic parts

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Magnetic parts


Post by Jack_Hester »

All -

How many of you engine/tranny builders check to see if your parts are magnetized? I took some engine races over to a machinist buddy of mine, to have him make a tool to aid in their installation. While he was looking at them, he pointed out that they were both magnetic. I posed this same question on the FHP forum, because it is something that I felt everyone might be interested in and alarmed by. My buddy suggested that they became magnetized from a magnetic chuck, duing manufacture. When I got home, I immediately checked other parts and found none to be magnetic. These were a fairly recent purchase. I plan to run over to Radio Shack and pick up one of their bulk tape erasers, and run it over all of my engine parts. Imagine how a new engine would do, if all the breakin metal went straight to the bearing races! Even if you don't build, but are having work done for you, suggest to the builder that he check for this. May save you a wiped engine, later.


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Re: Magnetic parts


Post by Billy »

Hi Jack, I checked ALL my bottom end parts for magnetism & found none. But I wouldn't have done this before. But since reading your post I will always do it NOW. :)
Thanks for the post on this. This is an Important test!!
Scary to think about a fresh motor that has magnetic bearing races. WOW!! Short life!!

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Re: Magnetic parts


Post by 58flh »

I know this thread is OLD!--But I know a lot of guys running Magnetic oil-drain nuts,-Tranny Drain,I also run them & a Extra Pingel on the return line to oiltank.Its olny 2-inches long With 3/8s nipples for rubber line & has 2-circular magnets on each end & a 40-Micron screen in the middle!.Its so small it disappears behind the kicker.Hey They cant hurt nothing!,On my drain magnet/nut Around 2yrs.Ill get a little ball stuck to it.2yrs. is 20K for me,So Im pulling the top anyway -It just makes it easier to remove the tank & Flush with Kerosine.I change my oil often /2000-miles & drop it hot ,let it drip for an hour,or overnight-then finish-up!.I haven't found the sludge on the Return line!--I just pull the Pingle off & spray carb. cleaner in it & blow it dry-Done./Re-install.I drain my mixer every 5K if I remember to/sometimes more!-Never had anything stuck on Magnet & the oil-If not for the smell Is still Dark-Gold Valvoline-60-wt. color.I have been using ATF in my Hydraglide for 2yrs. now After John had mentioned it to me.I run 8oz. in each side.& no clunk when droping off a curb & Shes tracking great.If your using a pan daily OIL is your main EXPENCE!/It must be FREQUENTLY CHANGED!.Just my 2 for anyone who may drop by & read this.----Respectfully---RICHIE

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