Compression Question

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Re: Compression Question


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Guys---I think It was misunderstood on my part!--Putting air in the heads with the p-rods out --You want to hear it out the timing hole/Afterall its going to follow the least restriction.Its when you hear it out the carb. or pipe is what I was meaning to emphasize on.Yes Rubone a Leakdown is the way to go-I agree.The leakdown will give you a pretty good understanding of just how bad the rings are ,or piston wear,etc.--Respectfully---Richie

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Re: Compression Question


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She's Alive!!

Thanks guys for all your help.
Today I put the push rods back in and adjusted the clutch so that the points cam rotated the whole time while rotating the engine, put 10 squirts of fuel through the Mikuni carb, primed her and she fired right up. After 20 years of spending time in boxes and grates my Pandora is alive.

I still have a long way to go to make her road worthy but at least her hearts pumping.

Thank you gentlemen for all your help. I couldn't have done it without it.
I owe you all a cold one or six...


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