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How to use this site.


Post by panhead » Wed Nov 20, 2019 11:05 am

The Panhead & Flathead site consists of 3 main sections:

1. The forum (board)

The forum is used for discussion, exchanging information and helping each other.
The following subsections can be found, ordered by topic:

[*]The Knowledge Base: A collection of archived posts, ordered by subject. [/list]
[*]Information: General information.
[*]Parts Info: Information about parts: parts lists, vendors, easy lookup parts diagrams.

2. Documentation

In the documentation section printed information can be found:
[*] Spare Parts Catalogs
[*] Shop Manuals
[*] Factory Instruction Sheets/ Service Bulletins / Brochures
[*] Articles/Miscellaneous Info
[*] Electrical/Wiring diagrams
[*] Delco-Remy
[*] Easyriders Tech Tips & Tricks

3. Gallery

In the Gallery you can see and post pictures of (your) bikes, projects , anything related to panheads & flatheads.

The Gallery uses it's own user database, but the accounts for the forum and gallery are synchronized, so they are the same.

4. Members Info

Information about the members of this forum.

What to do if you lost or forgot your password?

No panic, just ask for a new one: ... =33&t=7610

What to do if you have a question?

And there is always the helpdesk

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