tap and die size for the swing arm pivot bolt and the frame

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Re: tap size


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What makes the -58B in the repop catalogs different?


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Re: tap size


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I believe it is the Grease Fitting?
I think I read that both had the grease fitting, but the 63 up also had a small diameter hole drilled into the arm to releave presssure from over greasing at the zerk. My 62 swing does not have that hole, my 69 does.

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Re: tap size


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Panacea wrote:V-Twin makes a special pivot bolt for stripped out frames. It's on page591 in the catalog...Mike
I have a stripped out swingarm thread on the frame lug of a 58FL so I'm trying to figure out what to do to fix it.
I've listed a few repair options below but would like your first hand experience before I go any further please?

I came across a pivot bolt that is 1" longer and I'm puzzled on it's use as it would protrude past the frame lug and hit into the inner primary before it's even threaded all the way. Also, does this extra 1" bolt require a nut after it exits the frame lug? I'm obviously missing something here.

Another option I've seen is two over-sized self tapping pivot bolts (0.025" and 0.050").
Which one would be a better option and how successful is this option?

What about heli-coiling the frame lug or would welding an threaded insert be better?

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Re: tap and die size for the swing arm pivot bolt and the fr


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A helicoil would be just fine!--Ofcourse All must be clean & then set the coil.If you like use an awl on the outerend or a small chisel & strike a pinch,Its not nessessary but if you feel better It wont hurt nothing!---Respectfuly---RICHIE

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