Beltdrive Problems?- Sorted!

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Beltdrive Problems?- Sorted!


Post by JamesD » Sun Jun 11, 2006 2:27 pm

Got fed up with primary chain, lashing around and not being able to adjust it because of stretching along one length of chain and not the other. Realised why a primary belt drive was made for old Harleys so bought a BDL 11mm beltdrive to fit inside closed primary tins.
What I thought would take a weekend or a week took over 2 months as a few set backs were waiting to be discovered. The clutch nut and clutch hub might well have been glued on, this was very time consuming and also tool consuming. I bent a lot of tools and wrecked my wrecking bar getting off the hub nut and destroyed the hub pulling it off.
Engine sprocket shaft seal was replaced (can't tell it's leaking until the whole primary is cleaned and dry) and while I was looking at it, decided to replace the old cork gearbox mainshaft oil seal, with a double lipped rubber seal. I was always topping up the gearbox oil level more than the oil tank level. Slung out the oil slinger and bought a transmission sprocket nut with double seal, for good measure.
With a selection of front pulley shims to line up the belt, fitted the belt drive kit and found it wasn't the front pulley but the clutch that needed to be off-set. The belt was rubbing against the back of the clutch drum and there are no aftermarket catalogues that make provision for this. The light at the end of the tunnel happened to be a train so I prayed to God (He has overlooked me and my project bike from the very begining-yes, I am still alive to prove it!) and He led me to get a nylatron free-floating friction disc. Not to replace the friction disc that's rivetted to the clutch hub but to go with it. This, off-set the clutch to keep the belt lined up and running free, but had to forget the 'Big- fix clutch bearing kit' I bought because using the nylatron disc this way, only works with original type bearings with roller cage.
I Checked the position of the belt with engine running before installing outer primary tin. When the bike was leant over to the right the belt moved to the right and when bike was leant over left, belt moved to the left. Now I am kept on the road with a very comforable beltdrive, when riding I can feel it in my bones.

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Re: Beltdrive Problems?- Sorted!


Post by 49bones » Sat Apr 25, 2015 9:22 am

I think you just saved me matey! The post was from 2006 as well haha

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