tranny seal replacement

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Re: tranny seal replacement


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look up...LOL

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Re: tranny seal replacement


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Sorry to get into this so late, but my browser times out before any more than two or three large photos open.

Panacea Mike wrote:
"I still don't see how the oil is supposed to stay inside the tranny with no seal between the MDG and the tophat (spacer), the only real solution (at least when parked) is keep the oil level low enough so it can't run out the side."

Sounds like a job for a very thin washer of PEEK!
I would often cut a shoulder into the spacer to take up endplay against the MDG, and it would capture a sealwasher quite well.

But oil can still run through the MDG bushing (until '65).


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Re: tranny seal replacement


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Brilliant Post. That's why i love dropping in here!

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Re: tranny seal replacement


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